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I highly recommend AAMCO of Glendale Old Town. They are courteous and honest. They will let you know exactly what your vehicle needs and give you a quote. You decide what you can afford to have done.



I met Kirt when my Daughters transmission went out. The car is still on the road and running good. I was so impressed with their work that now I take both of my cars there. I have the confidence of getting in my car and driving away knowing that its repaired and I don't have to go back the next day and have it fixed again. You can't beat the workmanship of Kirts crew. Everyone is polite, courtious and knowledgable! Go to Kirt Larsons Aamco! Trust me when I say "you can't go wrong".



I appreciate the honesty and quality of work I received. They made every effort to get me in and out as quickly as possible. Kurt was very polite and went above and beyond to assist me. He actually listened to me and took the time to understand what I needed help with. All employees I came in contact with were very friendly and courteous. I will definitely send my friends here.

Connie G


Great Customer Service, Knowledgeable & Fast! Kurt Larson made us feel like we were being treated with extra care since we were coming from a bad experience at another shop. Our truck had a tricky electrical issue, this AAMCO had it diagnosed and repaired within two days. Excellent organization and communication from Brent in the front office. We walked away knowing we could really trust this shop and they've definitely made repeat customers out of us! Thanks Guys!



I have been going to Glendale for about 5 years & I don't consider going to another shop. The owner is a caring person who helped me out when I needed repairs & had lost my job. He helped work out a plan that I could afford without leaving my family doing without. If for some reason their repair is not correct they work to get everything running tip top. I have recommended them to everyone I know that needs car repairs & will continue to do so. And I know that they are not out just for money. I have asked them to replace something that did not need replacing & they checked it out & reported to me that it was in good working order



I would recommend this business to a friend.

Nancy K


The place to go where you can't get beat-up over the work they do. I for one would highly recommend Aamco of glendale for your next car repair. Thank you Aamco team members.

Bob C.


Brought our 1996 Chevy Astro van in there for a repair. The van wouldn't shift past 3rd gear. As I was expecting the worse, Kurt and his guys diagnosed an electronic problem - shift solenoid malfunction. $150 Later the van is back on the road and I couldn't be any happier!



A place you can trust - that says it all. Very friendly!

Cynthia G.


These guys are angels!!!!! I called around to figure out who could fix a tough problem with my car and when I got a hold of Brent, I knew that this was the right place to take my car. He was the nicest person I have ever talked to in the auto industry. He said I could bring my car in right away, so I did. They fixed my car within a half hour and treated me like I was a good old friend. I will never take my car anywhere else. Brent made my day!


I have nothing but praise for this AAMCO location! Everyone there was a real pleasure to work with! The organization I work with ran into a situation. The transmission on our Ford Van went completely out. Kurt and his crew completely rebuilt the transmission for FREE!! Not only did they portray amazing character, but they made it a pleasant experience for all involved! It is an amazing store ran by amazing people! Would recommend them to all my friends!

Andrew S


Ever heard someone say "Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time"? When it comes to your vehicle it is absolutely true. I had another shop do my front end - only to have to do it again two years later. This time it was done right with the right parts. Kurt Larson and his team are great at what they do. Their knowledge and experience make them my choice.



THEY HAVE DONE WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP MY BUSINESS! About 5 years ago my Honda was not running at all. I originally took it to another mechanic shop. When they gave me the estimate & I told a friend about it he said that seemed too high & I should call AAMCO on 51st Ave & Glendale. When I did they were about $150 dollars less than the other place. I promptly towed my car to AAMCO. I have been a loyal fan since then. Since that time I went through some very hard times of getting divorced & hardly being able to pay my rent. When I needed car repairs they have always worked with me, prioritizing repairs & even gave me minor free bees which showed they understood & cared. They redo anything freely & willingly & really take care of their customers. Once when I was out of the area I got some price quotes for several repairs. When I took them back to AAMCO they beat the prices. Even if I think there is a problem with my car they have reassured me that it didn't need a repair when it didn't & they could have made money on me. I always enjoyed calling & coming into the shop. The receptionist used to know me & my car by my name. I felt like I had a friend when & called or came in. Kurt has been wonderful & gave me a ride home once when I needed it. I know he is the one that sets the parameters for the shop & being he is a Christian man I believe he runs his shop the way he believes The Lord would have it run. I also believe all of this customer care & personal interest, plus really keeping the costs down is what it takes to keep customers for life

Lizzie D


I don't know much about cars, so when my "check engine" light came on, I took it to the dealership I bought my car at. They quoted anywhere from $1100-$3000 worth of work. I needed a 2nd opinion. My boss referred me to Kurt at AAMCO. All I can say is, Kurt welcomed me and made me feel at ease when I got there (he's a funny & cheerful guy). He quickly ran all kinds of diagnostics and came back with a much, much better diagnosis than the dealership. (read=honest) He saved me thousands of dollars. He even checked up on the car a couple days later to make sure it was doing okay. Great customer service. All I know is my cars belong to Kurt now!! I wouldn't take them ANYWHERE else