Glendale, AZ

7105 N. 51st Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

(623) 745-8126
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THEY HAVE DONE WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP MY BUSINESS! About 5 years ago my Honda was not running at all. I originally took it to another mechanic shop. When they gave me the estimate & I told a friend about it he said that seemed too high & I should call AAMCO on 51st Ave & Glendale. When I did they were about $150 dollars less than the other place. I promptly towed my car to AAMCO. I have been a loyal fan since then. Since that time I went through some very hard times of getting divorced & hardly being able to pay my rent. When I needed car repairs they have always worked with me, prioritizing repairs & even gave me minor free bees which showed they understood & cared. They redo anything freely & willingly & really take care of their customers. Once when I was out of the area I got some price quotes for several repairs. When I took them back to AAMCO they beat the prices. Even if I think there is a problem with my car they have reassured me that it didn't need a repair when it didn't & they could have made money on me. I always enjoyed calling & coming into the shop. The receptionist used to know me & my car by my name. I felt like I had a friend when & called or came in. Kurt has been wonderful & gave me a ride home once when I needed it. I know he is the one that sets the parameters for the shop & being he is a Christian man I believe he runs his shop the way he believes The Lord would have it run. I also believe all of this customer care & personal interest, plus really keeping the costs down is what it takes to keep customers for life

Lizzie D